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The popularity of freelance bidding sites such as (formerly and proves that there is a demand...

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By: drboomvang On: August 10, 2016 In: Blog Comments: 0

While a portfolio may indicate a writer’s or artist’s talent level and style range, some freelance subspecialties are a...

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By: drboomvang On: August 08, 2016 In: Blog Comments: 0

Creative output is not a cure-all for a poor relationship, and a freelancer you get along with personally may...

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By: drboomvang On: August 03, 2016 In: Blog Comments: 0

When your business needs intersect with the ideal freelancer for the job, there’s nothing better. Without adding overhead or...

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The urban legends about creating a business plan on a cocktail napkin are all well and good, but a...

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By: drboomvang On: July 27, 2016 In: Blog Comments: 0

Hiring a freelancer can be as simple as a handshake or short written agreement. But as a businessperson, you...

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