Anyone is welcome to quote a few sentences from any blog post on this website without permission, PROVIDED it includes attribution and a link back to the full post on this website.

“Acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material does not substitute for obtaining permission.” U.S. Copyright Office

You are not authorized to use a full post without Jake Poinier’s express written permission. Exceeding fair use of copyrighted content is content theft, an intellectual property violation and subject to Arizona state law.

With the exception of original or appropriately licensed photography, Jake Poinier primarily uses purchased stock photography from Adobe Stock for the blog posts on this website. To protect yourself from violating their licensing requirements, please purchase the image on their website with the appropriate royalty and licensing approvals prior to including it in any fair use mention or approved syndication. Permission to use a post does not constitute permission to use images within that post.

More information:

Fair Use Factsheet by the U.S. Copyright Office

Fair Use Checklist by Columbia University